• Mayeur Creative Expeditions brings business professionals from France to New Mexico. We connect our visitors to companies and individuals who are advancing developments in brackish water desalination, new approaches to pest control,  high-tech irrigation and more. Our guests will learn about New Mexico’s historic acequia systems, the impact of historic droughts, New Mexico’s globally recognized Hatch chile and pecan farming, and more. A visit to tour Spaceport America and Virgin Galactic, plus horseback riding in a beautiful red rock canyon will be a part of our guest’s experience.

    Creative Expeditions
  • Mayeur Artistic Expeditions brings artists, collectors and art enthusiasts to New Mexico to explore the work of New Mexico artists. From Spanish Santos and Bultos, to major Land Art projects; from traditional Native American art to experimental digital media art; and from Georgia O’Keefe to Jill O’Bryan, our guests will directly experience the artistic intrigue and energy that has made New Mexico a unique destination for generations. A day trip to Taos to experience life in an Earthship and visit Taos Pueblo, the oldest continuously inhabited dwelling site in North America will add to the experience.

    Artistic Expeditions