Cue Marks

May 3 – June 15, 2019

“Our work explores and develops that which escapes the ordinary attention of the surrounding world and comes back to an intimate art history.
All that is imposed by sudden emergence, strangeness, dazzlement.
Our point of view is peripheral, we are interested in the margins, the background, the depths.

Cue Marks or ‘cigarette burns’ are that artifact that signals to the projectionist that a film reel change is imminent; it enters furtively yet instantaneously and mostly at the top right of the frame.

The Cue Mark comes from film history, the machinery of cinema, the physical weight of the reel. It’s a legacy, a relic. Today, films are digitized and transmitted on a cable. The Cue Mark no longer has a presence, but still is present, escaping the notice of the everyday viewer. Two episodes of ‘Columbo’ bring this mechanism vividly alive.

In 2012, we began working on a chrono-typology of Cue Marks.Today we use this repertory to create paintings, video installations and works in neon.”

Jugnet + Clairet, 2019.