Paula Castillo | Virginie Mossé | Jill O’Bryan | Frank Perrin

July 28 – August 26, 2017

The Opening Reception for the TREASURES Group Show at Mayeur Projects is this Friday July 28, 2017, 5:00pm – 8pm. This exhibition features both New Mexico and international artists and will run through August 26th.

Artists in the TREASURES Show include:

Paula Castillo, Cordova, New Mexico

Paula Castillo’s work recombines personal and familiar elements in unusual ways. The manmade microcosms combined with the expansive natural environment are the catalyst for her critical exploration of the systems and spaces we inhabit. “I am a contemporary sculptor who creates discrete and conceptually rigorous objects both in and of themselves and meshed into larger tentative environments. I am known for my penchant for creating form by hand welding thousands of tiny pieces of metal bi-product together. My preference is for industrial materials scavenged from regional fabricators and scrap yards to simultaneously ‘show and tell’ a piece of the suffocating dislocation of matter.

Virginie Mossé, Berlin, Germany

Virginie Mossé, born in France, currently lives and works in Berlin. Continuing her ongoing research on perception, she explores themes of representation and symbols, with a particular interest in looking at the construction of reality and reality as a construction. Her influences and references are found in art history and philosophy as much as optical phenomenon and physical experience. Mossé is particularly interested in bringing together disparate epochs of history and art history, thought and philosophy in her multimedia practice, always looking to translate each concept into its most appropriate medium.

Jill O’Bryan, Northeast New Mexico / New York City

Jill O’Bryan’s art examines the interaction and connection between the human body and the land. “This work is process-oriented in the sense that it’s not just about being in the body but about expanding the experience of being in the body outward. she told Pasatiempo in an interview about her recent show at The Center for Contemporary Art in Santa Fe. O’Bryan practices a Tibetan breathing and meditation technique called Tonglen when she’s creating much of her work. Her exquisite breath drawings are composed of sheets of rice paper which bear tens of thousands of graphite strokes, each mark corresponding with a single breath.

Frank Perrin, Paris, France

Frank Perrin is a French artist based in Paris who has spent the last ten years exploring the notion of Post Capitalism and compiling a compendium of our contemporary obsessions where each photograph becomes a new landscape of the unconscious and desires of today. During his residency at Mayeur Projects, April 2017, Frank explored the “last frontier” of post capitalism producing photographs, mood boards, sculptures, neon lights and video. Frank Perrin was formerly a philosophy teacher and an art critic. He is the founding director of Crash Magazine.

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