Virginie Mossé

Virginie Mossé, born in 1977 in France, currently lives and works in Berlin. Continuing her ongoing research on perception, she explores themes of representation and symbols, with a particular interest in looking at the construction of reality and reality as a construction. Her influences and references are found in art history and philosophy as much as optical phenomenon and physical experience. Mossé is particularly interested in bringing together disparate epochs of history and art history, thought and philosophy in her multimedia practice, always looking to translate each concept into its most appropriate medium. This mixing of genres and periods becomes an element of the “real fiction” Mossé creates for us, always with elegance and imagination. Questions of scale are also at play – an exploration of the socializing effect of monumental works and the exhibition space itself, or the intimacy of the viewer’s body and smaller formats.

Philosophical concepts are superimposed onto and explored with plastic experimentations – creating a back and forth between physicality and conceptualism, formalism and philosophy. She explores what constitutes an imaginary patrimony – individual and collective memory – and its role in the construction and deconstruction of cultures. Dichotomies of nature and culture, fiction and reality, abstraction and representation are central to Mossé’s practice – as well as a desire to disturb them. Optical illusions, challenges to linguistic structure and the conventional meaning of words all contribute to this – robbing of us stability, but gifting us with a new vision.

Selected solo exhibitions include Mayeur Projects, Las Vegas, NM (2016, Caza d’Oro, Mas d’Azil, France (2015),  ; Berlin-Weekly Gallery, Berlin, G (2014); Gängeviertel, Hamburg (2012); Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin G (2011); Künstlerhaus Sootbörn, Hamburg G (2010).

Selected group exhibitions include Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin. Kurator: Tina Sauerländer,(2014); Heinz-Kramer Gallery, Hamburg (2014)Galerie Royal, München (2014); Halle für zeitgenössische Kunst, Offenbach, Kramer Fine Art gallery, Hamburg, (2013); Nationalpark Harz G, (2013); De Zwarte Ruyter Rotterdam, NL (2012), Snake pit Gallery Auckland, NZ (2012); Galerie White Trash Contemporary Hamburg, G, 2010; Neuer Kunstverein Wuppertal, G, 2009 Galerie Diane Kruse, Hamburg, G (2009)

Awards and residencies include three months residency at caza d’ Oro France, (2015); Grant Käthe-Dorsch-Stiftung Berlin (2014); three months residency at Künstlerhaus Vorwerkstift Hamburg, G, (2011): Ateliergrant Baden-Württemberg (2006-07).