Tina Mion
“Midnight Muse”

“Midnight Muse consists of two series of paintings,  one of portraits composed of objects and one of quiet landsacpes. On the surface they may seem very different but they both stem from the same desire: to make sense out of the chaos. Both series depict what I am most familiar with, the Southwest and my collection of found objects. Even in my largest paintings you’ll see both vast landscapes and small objects. In a painting of a flooded nightscape, the water will deposit a toothbrush at your feet; in a painting of a new year’s party for suicides a waiter will be delivering a cocktail with a tiny paper umbrella and a candied cherry; in  a painting of a yellow house a young girl might hold a trick-or-treat pail in the shape of a black cat.” Tina Mion, July 2019.

About Tina Mion: Tina Mion lives and works in Winslow Arizona.