Sara Jeanmougin
Lost Roots

By using the different symbols that she normally finds in ordinary objects, Sara Jeanmougin makes a staging to show one Sara who could be an old woman or a young woman or an old man or a young man, an ordinary Sara, a peculiar Sara, no matter, what is important is her hidden interior, no more isolated in her search of identity, she presents Life or rather an allegory of Human life, in memory of her passages from childhood to adulthood, from a civilization to another, her search of Lost Roots.

One of the artist’s motivations is to make people think and look. « To look well, in depth, is something that is disappearing these days », she says. « One does not look at oneself. Lack of the look is one of the great problems of the human condition of today. »

About Sara Jeanmougin:

Sara Jeanmougin was born in 1982 in Iran and currently lives in Paris, France.

She studied literature and she gives forms to her ideas, her thoughts with the help of literature and photography. Indeed, her use of the photographic medium is a means of presenting a universality of suffering and grief. The main topic of her work is the entropy and nothingness of humanity in time. Degradation on credit.

Sara Jeanmougin is trying to find a way to reveal the deep inside of the hidden manhood, as well as its power. The passage also has an important role in her work. It represents the importance of the look for the possibility of transformation and passing from a World to another. The body fully possesses the power to reveal its afflictions. Self-portraits are a way for her to discover and present the suffering and sorrow of the Self.