Alejandra Hernández
Maybe I’m a lost soul, but I like this place

In her first U.S. solo exhibition, “Maybe I’m a lost soul, but I like this place”, Colombian artist Alejandra Hernández explores the strange yet familiar feeling of nostalgic belonging and isolation. Finding inspiration from the stories of New Mexico’s people and landscape, found photos and pop culture gathered during her two month residency at Mayeur Projects, her paintings and drawings are intimate reflections on the mysterious journey of life.


“Conversations between ghosts –

So, what’s the story morning glory?

I may be a wondering soul…

I’m also looking for pleasure, isn’t everyone else?

I guess so, everyone searches for it in different ways, usually through rituals that connect us back to the source.

Some rituals comfort me, others alter my perception. I feel lost wondering these streets. I still inhabit the house of my great grandparents. I’m still here beneath the walls, I never thought there could be so much left of me once I was gone.

I guess, all I remember is different times coming together, I get flashbacks, I see acid colors, cerulean skies, and cotton candy sunsets, eating peaches n’ creamin a warm summer afternoon, I remember the smell of roasted chilies and peeking through the fence to check out the newborn kittens at my neighbor’s backyard every morning while they sunbathed.

nowadays, time doesn’t mean a thing.

where do you belong?

me? how am I supposed to know, where do you belong?

maybe I’m a lost soul, but I like this place.

and I like your stories…

stories may come from hallucinations, induced by high fevers or psychedelics. but also from memories, billboards, magazine ads, films. Like that time, we had that really bad trip in the desert, only drinking a bottle of milk could bring us back to this reality.

or that time we went UFO hunting on that road trip, we rented an RV, do you remember?

the dog wouldn’t stop barking all night

I just love sharing our blood, breath and stories inside of a red tent. It’s all very nostalgic, somehow, I just can’t leave this place.

Knock knock knock is anybody there.

I hear people coming in and out but I can’t understand what they say, I can’t reach them but I’ll make sure they know I’m still here.

It’s all about motion, non-linearity, those times in between one thing and the other.

Us passing by the sun n’ sand motel while sniffing roses and gasoline from the big trucks on the highway. I remember the night you disappeared.

Yeah, we had cake and coffee outside.

Or like that time when we were spying on those loud tourists.

I miss that.

Those times where we could breath and felt the need to reconnect with others, or with ourselves.

What does freedom mean to you?

It’s us and the chihuahua walking through the white sands while quoting a scene from the man who fell to earth. You know that script by heart, or maybe it’s bathing in sunflower beam while I levitate.

Anyway, I’ve decided what I want to do now – I want to become an existential bandit, or perhaps a cowboy, you know like those really sensitive and intuitive ones. but I want to look really tough though.

You could do that. I guess we can grow everywhere like watermelons and squash.

What is it about motion and non-temporal spaces… Like those times in between when you can become who you really are.

Like in holidays or when watching a film…

(take a deep breath)

Don’t you just love the smell of aspen trees and lavender after a heavy and stormy night when you’re out camping?

After riding around, driving for hours…

We mustn’t don’t forget the cat lady, she’s amazing I love her. she spends her days in the park hanging out with her three cats.

Now, that’s what I call a good life.

There’s no place like home.”

Alejandra Hernández, Las Vegas, September 2018.

About Alejandra Hernández:

Alejandra completed a bachelor in Visual Arts at La Javeriana University, Bogotá in 2011. After graduating, she moved to Belgium and did a MFA in painting at KASK School of Arts, Ghent (2012-2014). In 2016, she finished a two year residency program at HISK (Higher Institute for Fine Arts) where she graduated as a candidate laureate. Her recent European solo exhibitions include: People in the room, Island, Brussels, Belgium (2017); Keep my treasures where I can see them, Galleria LaVeronica, Modica, Italy (2016); Fantastic Whereabouts, DeQueeste Galerie, Abele, Belgium (2016).

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