Eléonore Cheneau
White Clines Corners

“It’s an overlay more than a monochrome. I have a range of gestures, which I stop at some point. I paint, I sand, I spray. What guides me, time, emotions, desire, moments, memories, I sometimes feel like being an archaeologist. I sand, it means being on the edge, remove without destroying.”

Eléonore Cheneau mainly paints, first on paper and for ten years on canvas. She is concerned with problems internal to painting, where matters are intertwined, and where order and disorder are put at work. How to work without vision or prior intention. Painting is made by accumulation of gestures, sedimentations, differentiated times, additions or even withdrawals. A series of gestures make up the paintings: paintings painted with each other, one by the other, overlays, sanding, paint projections through stencils, grids, etc.

The tables contain all these moments, they are hardened by time, stratified. Time establishes a remote, some covered gestures are forgotten, as far as sanding brings back the older layers.

The image is born from the gesture and state of matter, mechanically.

About Eleonore Cheneau:

Eléonore Cheneau lives and works in Paris, France.

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