Who we are

Founded by French collector and entrepreneur Christian Mayeur, Mayeur Projects is a private contemporary art center and creative company, supporting emerging as well as established artists. Privileging art that is above all an experience, our aim is to create a context of encounters between artist and viewer, the real and the imaginary, the global and the local, the map and the territory (we are fans of land arts), the social and the environmental, the concerns of tomorrow and the concerns of today.

Why Las Vegas?

A true city of the Old West, Las Vegas was an important stop on the railroad line between Los Angeles and Chicago, making it at one time the most important city in New Mexico. At the turn of the century Las Vegas boasted all the most modern amenities, as well as a Fred Harvey Hotel and a Carnegie Library. It had a reputation as an outlaw town with Billy the Kid and Doc Holliday. Today, with the complete renovation of the Historic Plaza Hotel and the re-opening of the “sleeping beauty” Castaneda hotel planned in 2019, and the presence of New Mexico Highlands University (with its lively “Visual Arts” and “Media Arts and Technology” Departments), Las Vegas is primed for a revival. The energy behind this renaissance is notably geared towards re-imagining Las Vegas as a contemporary arts, cultural and creative hub.

200-202 Plaza Park

The Mayeur Projects building at 200-202 Plaza Park is one of the more than 900 historic buildings in Las Vegas, and has a particularly rich history. Built in 1883, this building has lived many lives: as the original home of the E. Romero family, one of Las Vegas’s first; the place where New Mexico’s statehood was announced; and a jail for Billy the Kid. We are truly honored to have restored and renovated this incredible building. The renovation was recognized in 2016 by Las Vegas Citizens Committee for Historic Preservation. While remaining engaged with the global art scene, Mayeur Projects is dedicated to its connection with the community of Las Vegas, New Mexico. We are proud to be part of the revival of this historic city, rich with resources and potential, and look to foster an atmosphere of conviviality and connection with our artists, collectors and art lovers, but also with innovative businesses, research centers and companies of New Mexico, because we are convinced that Art is the Future of Innovation.


Las Vegas is 50 minutes east of Santa Fe. The closest airports are the Albuquerque International Sunport and the Santa Fe Municipal Airport. The Amtrak makes stops in Las Vegas every day on its Southwest Chief route between Los Angeles and Chicago.

Christian Mayeur – Founder and Owner
Mobile: +33 608 437 242 (France)

Anne Poux – Associate Director
Mobile: +33 695 251 381 (France)

Contact: Mayeur Projects, 200-202 Plaza Park, PO Box 1603, Las Vegas, New Mexico 87701

For any request: info@mayeurprojects.com