Dear friends of Mayeur Projectsdear visitors, Mayeur Projects physical space is closed. BUT :
We keep on selling on Internet a selection of artworks by some of our preferred artists,

We welcome this month a new artist in our selection: Orie INOUE, Japanese, living and working in France

We keep on facilitating artist residencies in Las Vegas New Mexico, in partnership with New Mexico Highlands University (Visual and performative Arts Dept. ; Media Arts and Technology Dept.)

    • Théodora BARAT, winner of AUDI TALENT Awards 2016 for her film Pay-Less Monument, spent 2 months and a half in Las Vegas, from September 2022 until December 2022. Theodora worked on the “nuclear monuments” in New Mexico and the Four Corners region, a bit like Robert Smithson and his “Passaic monuments”.
    • And she encountered entropy in all its forms. Architectural entropy, cultural entropy, human entropy to meet the “Downwinders”. Back in France, Théodora directed the post-production of two films, starting from 25 hours of rushes: a feature film entitled “Americium” and a short film entitled “Four Corners”. The movies will be out soon.
    • We are very proud to have allowed Theodora Barat to carry out this project, in complementarity with the Institut Français and with the support of Morgan Barnard at NMHU and Kathy and Bill Hendrickson who agreed to rent us the apartment adjoining their house to welcome Theodora.
    Anyway, if you are interested by availability and prices of works presented on this website, please feel free to send us an email to the address below. YES, WE SHIP !
    See you soon.
    Stay safe.
    Christian and Anne Mayeur 


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