Mayeur Projects is temporarily closed to prepare the new 2020 programme !

Mayeur Projects is temporarily closed to prepare the next programme and will reopen in April 2020 with a new exhibition featuring drawings by French artist Michel Houssin.

We take this opportunity to thank all of our artists, collectors, followers and partners again, for their great support to Mayeur Projects activity during 2019.

It has been a great year and we’re very proud of all the work done – an eclectic programme mixing exhibitions and residencies, visual and media arts, local, national and international artists, in consistency with Mayeur Projects’ commitment.

We’re more and more attached to develop relationships between our gallery, our artists, and our community, from Las Vegas to Paris through Santa Fe and Albuquerque – even more relationships, even more new cooperations, even more attachment to the community and the territory.

Now we’re excited to prepare the next programme which will combine several exhibitions and one more residency which will take place in automn 2020. We’ll mix all kind of medias and artistic approaches, including design. We’ll promote and create more and more interactions and debates. We’re also looking forward to sharing with you some very new features or concepts that we’re working on for the next year !

During that time, we organize some events in Paris to promote our artists, our projects, our partners of Highlands University and the community of Las Vegas NM on the French. We focus on selected people of the Franch art scene (curators, collectors, institutions…)  in a private space called “Contexts”. We introduced Arnaud Dezoteux Residency Project in Nov. 2019 – Arnaud talked about the 40 hours of shootings he made. He shared his experience of the residency, the place, the community with a lot of enthusiasm. We’re now preparing an event dedicated to Lucie Laflorentie who will share her experience as well ! and talk abour her artistic process based on the pieces she produced. This new event will take place in Paris on February 6, 2020 – other events will follow !

See you soon in April 2020 at Mayeur Projects space in Las Vegas !

In the meantime, please feel free to contact us at for any question.

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