Dear friends of Mayeur Projectsdear visitors, Mayeur Projects physical space is closed. BUT :
1. We keep on selling on Internet a selection of artworks by some of our preferred artists.
Anyway, if you are interested by availability and prices of works presented on this website, please feel free to send us an email at : YES, WE SHIP !

2. We keep on facilitating artist residencies in Las Vegas New Mexico, in partnership with New Mexico Highlands University (NMHU).

    • French multimedia artist Jérôme PORET will be OUR NEW RESIDENT, from October 1st until October 21st.
    • Jérôme spent a large part of his childhood on the coasts of Cotentin, France, where immense beaches extend as far as the eye can see, and its sands hold the memory of the day when an armada landed there in an operation that was as heroic as it was dramatic. Today, half-buried casemates have become deaf and dumb sculptures amid stretches of crosses and blind white stelae. This landscape struck Jérôme, bringing a mixed feeling of meditation and contemplation.
      In 2014 following the commemorations of the World War II landing, Jérôme discovered an incredible story of former veterans. On the beaches of Normandy, a handful of American-Indians, the Comanches of the 4th Signal Company, responsible for securing radio transmissions landed. Fourteen Native Americans, the “CodeTalkers”, specialized in the interception, listening and transmission of messages. From Utah beach they launched the first coded message of the Allies: “Tsaaku nunnuwee (“We make a good landing”, “the landing is going well “); “Atahtu nunnuwee” (“We landed at the wrong place”). 70 years later, the descendants of these transmission agents were received in Normandy, at the invitation ofthe Utah Beach and Tilly-sur-Seulle Museums to attend a ceremony in tribute of their deceased elders. The last voice of the “Nttmttrekwa’etùù”, those who speak Comanche was that of Charles Chibitty, who died on July 20, 2005.
    • Jérôme’s work crosses the “technological mediums, questioning perception and analogic listening, in which memory and phonography hold a fundamental place”. For such work, the story of these “Codetalkers” transmitters was highly intriguing.
    • Jérôme wanted to go on site to engage a deep quest and research. So, we decided to welcome him in residency in Las Vegas New Mexico, with support of Mariah Fox Hausman, Dean of Media Arts and Technology Dept. at NMHU.
    • Jérôme Poret will stay in Las Vegas and also travel to Santa Fe, Albuquerque and Gallup during his stay.
    Stay safe.
    Christian and Anne Mayeur-Poux 


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