Frank Perrin

Las Vegas Archeology, the Residency

March 29 – April 14, 2017

This residency project, entitled “Las Vegas Archeology”, will revisit the American landscape by reactivating its mythology and iconic dimension.

“Las Vegas Archeology” will be an extension of the photos previously realized by Frank Perrin and part of the series « Postcapitalism » both in the founding idea of the project as in the aesthetics of its images. Thus, they will pursue on one hand, the series « Joggers » composed of broad panoramic plans where the extent of the landscape predominates over the subject – this latter being photographed from afar, as well as the series « Archeology » or « Street » which expose new lines of contemporary panoramas.

The project will be deployed in both the Northern New Mexico Highlands Desert and Las Vegas New Mexico, pursuing a mythology that goes from the western to the land-art.

Las Vegas, New Mexico is a conjunction, an intersection between a history and a mythology; Its quality of a pivotal town in the heart of the Grand West interests me. It’s fascinating in its crossroads and its back-and-forths: North-South, East-West. I don’t see Las Vegas, New Mexico as much as a small town as a town at the intersection of many histories that come together, that weave together. It’s a bit like a lever, an entry point to many connections.