We love Gerda Steiner & Jörg Lenzlinger’s ecology. A look to their picnic in Perm, Russia

We love Swiss artists’ Gerda Steiner & Jörg Lenzlinger’s ecological installations, between culture and nature.

In 2016, they create “Picnic”, at Museum for Contemporary Art PERMM, in Perm, Russia

Perm is an industrial town at the foot of the Ural Mountains.
In December, when the days are short, the sun is rare and a long winter ahead,
the people of Perm are invited for a walk, a picnic and a winter sleep.

1 floor: Walking area
The walking area is a homage to the origin, the complexity, the diversity and the beauty of live. Eleven different projections, onto turning mirrors and curtains, create a kaleidoscopic colorful atmosphere. Every moment brings new unique compositions, which never will be repeated, because of the different length of the video loops and the constellation of the turning objects.
The growing salt altar is a tribute to the hundreds of years during time in which Prikamie was the main salt source of Russia.

2 floor: Picnic area
The picnic area is a public space. It is a place to meet, to sit down, look, talk, drink and eat. The daylight enters the room. The visitors can look outside to the city landscape and inside into the picnic landscape, which consists of 3 different crystal lakes, a 40 meter long wall painting, a big round rotatable picnic table, Siberian firework (made out of the dry plant of the Giant Hogweed), tree trunks, rootstocks, candy-pill-insects, geological treasures from Perm region and many many other surprises.

3 floor: Sleeping area
This space is for the winter sleep. The visitors can wear a bear costume and choose one of the 12 various shelters to go for a sleep. The bears are asked to write down their dream. The dreams of Perm are like pearls.

Gerda_Steiner_Jorg_Lenzlinger 2308901_Picnic_Permm_2015_

Focus on Lucie Laflorentie.

Lucie Laflorentie thinks the presence of an artist in residency in a very different manner. She likes to connect the visitors to the art in research, to the art being made. Works may be presented in a more or less accomplished shape – spread without stake in global installation or in articulation with others, as she did in her recent residency at “Maison Salvan”, in Southwest of France – http://maison-salvan.fr/?p=5010 . Lucie Laflorentie likes to proceed to attempts; it is exactly this latent state of the development of the creative process, situated between the guess and the “binding” that is the cutting edge of one of our favourite artists and future guest. Lucie likes to share some specific land art related experiences, like “wandering towed in echo in the atmospheric cinema – Performance – 2012, when she drove the family owned truck with viewers on a towed trailer, topped with an immense mirror cutting the space and reflecting the landscape. “Mise en abyme” which Robert Smithson would not have denied probably.

lucie laflorentie

There will be sound! with Jérôme Poret

French artist Jérôme Poret is fascinated by Las Vegas NM legend and its specific geography. Jérôme is preparing some stuff about a project engaging sonic space of the area. More in the next weeks.

Image: “Isolation I et II , Jérôme Poret, 2014. Photographer : Yves Chenot.”
Isolation 1 et 22 - Jérôme Poret - 2014

Media Arts & technology Winter Show is coming!

Come to Las Vegas NM see what Media Arts students of New Mexico Highlands University are creating! Exhibit opens Wednesday, December 7 – 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM

NMHU 07.12

Future resident Paul Ardenne curates a show in Paris, about art and the tree

Ackroyd & Harvey – Beuys acorns – 2009. Fantastic work. In “Dendromorphies”. Show curated by our next spring resident and author Paul Ardenne – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Ardenne -. On view until January 11th at Espace Topographie de l’Art, Paris. British artists Ackroyd & Harvey gather and replant acorns of famous Joseph Beuys’s 7000 oaks planted in Kassel, Germany, during the famous international exhibition Documenta 7, 1982 and following years, some of them in Chelsea, New York City. Joseph Beuys had joined at that time the Ecological Green Party in Germany and decided to make a huge performance based on planting trees in cities. Now Ackroyd & Harvey give a perpetual life to this initiative.





Sam Van Aken - Espace Topographie de l'Art - Nov. 2016

Zoe Crosher in “THE” Magazine Santa Fe

Aaron Juarros, Barbless, October 1-2


Las Vegas NM artist Aaron BigToe Juarros worked and then made a show in our gallery transformed as his studio and then exhibition space for traditional artist studio tour, last October. We loved his work! We loved his thoughts too:  ” ‘Looking hard’ is a term used in the art of drawing. It takes a deeper observation to look at an object and then visually translate with marks on paper. The skillfull drawing takes dedicated practice.

Flyfishing is a very similar discipline. The supple yet firm rod, coupled with a capable reel, expel any length of flyline through strong and delicate guides. Ten feet of clear fluorocarbon leader with a firmly knotted fly at its end is a tool, similar to a paintbrush. Whether on river or on paper, the strokes must be chosen precisely. The goal is to present the fly at a precise location and depth in the water column without frightening the fish. Moreover, the fly must be worthy. As it turns out, trout look hard as well and have excellent vision. They are not fooled easily. To acknowledge this, flyfishers create small sculptural imitations of aquatic insects by tying feathers and hairs onto barbless hooks.

Angling has always been a significant piece of my life … so much so that my family has traveled the world with flyrods in hand, exploring the waters of Patagonia, Britain, New England, the Pacific Northwest and Canada. A move to the Scottish Highlands awarded me the opportunity to fish the Rivers Spey and Deveron, as well as many others. I learned much of angling’s rich history and was able to drift flies through historically renowned salmon pools.”

We met Aaron and his wife Elizabeth during the inaugural opening of our gallery and then visited them 2 times in their “paradise” in Mora Valley. Impressed by Aaron’s work and commitment, we decided to offer him the opportunity to show his work in Central Las Vegas. Congrats to Aaron for this wonderful show and to Elizabeth for her support.



Nothing Recedes Like Failure at Mortadelle, Mayeur Projects’ French project space

Nothing Recedes Like Failure

July 9, 2016 – September 3, 2016
Opening July 8th, 6 – 9 pm
Open by appointment

Exceptional opening and “first preview” July 7th, from 7 to 9 pm during La Nuit de la Roquette
Cocktail and private tour August 25, from 6 pm, on the eve of Art-o-Rama, upon reservation

Co-curated by Ana Iwataki and Marion Vasseur Raluy
With: Mimosa Echard, Kim Farkas, Gabriel Méo, Bryan Morello, Natalia Rolon, Clara Stengel, Naoki Sutter-Shudo

For its inauguration, Mortadelle, Mayeur Projects’ project space in France, presents Nothing Recedes Like Failure, a group exhibition co-curated by Ana Iwataki and Marion Vasseur Raluy.
This exhibition attempts to grasp what it means to fail or succeed in artistic production, in an artistic career. Bringing together the works of six artists of the same generation, two seemingly at-odds aesthetics are juxtaposed, like trying to compare Vermeer’s apples to Matisse’s oranges. Somewhere between a decor in its own right and an intimate space, Mortadelle becomes a vessel for these practices questioning in more or less direct manners each artist’s relationship with form and finish.


Special Event – Saturday June 25th

Mayeur Projects is pleased to present a special event on June 25th, in conjunction with the opening of Zoe Crosher’s solo exhibition on June 23rd. We will be organizing a visit to the Dwan Light Sanctuary at 11:30 am followed by lunch at the Plaza Hotel. Then, Zoe Crosher will be reading excerpts from her book LA-LIKE-Transgressing the Pacific published by Hesse Press and recently featured on Bookforum.


Zoe Crosher’s Transgressing the Pacific at Offprint London

Zoe Crosher will be signing copies of Transgressing the Pacific at Offprint London this weekend! Then next month, catch a special reading at Mayeur Projects during the opening of her solo exhibition.

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