Paula Castillo’s works bring enchantment to TREASURES summer group show

As Keiko Ohnuma wrote in Fall 2016 issue of TREND Magazine, “The Forest” are pieces arranged in different groupings, consist of ripped, discarded galvanized steel culverts that Castillo collected from roads in the Santa Fe National Forest. Using the culverts as a mold, she welded together small metal discs left over from a punch press in an echo of their shape and then arranged the prefabricated culverts in a way that suggest vegetable peels, or shed skin, or road-kill snakes – something once alive and then abandoned.“ We are very proud to welcome Paula Castillo at Mayeur Projects for her 1st show in Las Vegas New Mexico. She brings enchantment to our TREASURES summer group show. Other works are strange still lifes and surprizing eagles by French born Virginie Mossé, living and working in Berlin, original editions of half-frame pictures (in boxes of 15 original prints) made in the area by Frank Perrin (living and working in Paris) during his residency last March and wonderful Breath drawings by Jill O’Bryan (living and working in New York City and Northern New Mexico). Please note that a friendly closing reception will happen on Friday August 25th.