Mayeur Projects’ dispatch by David Lobdell on view at NMHU Media Arts and Technology Trolley Hall

Mayeur Projects has now its representation as a sculpture (a visual “dispatch”), in current NMHU Media Arts & Technology department show: “DISPATCH:Trolley”. Artist and Professor David Lobdell has been invited, with 8 other Las Vegas artists, to join a table with representations of 9 Las Vegas art spaces, in combination with a map of the New Mexico art establishment initiated in Spring 2016 by Santa Fe art groups SCUBA and Strangers Collective. David has chosen Mayeur Projects, as a project in Las Vegas, described by Christian as a flower between Atlantic ocean and Rocky mountains, between Eiffel tower and L.A. buildings, an art space whose owners are periodically suspended in the air, as suggested by the Air France Jumbo Jet. Thank you David!