We love Gerda Steiner & Jörg Lenzlinger’s ecology. A look to their picnic in Perm, Russia

We love Swiss artists’ Gerda Steiner & Jörg Lenzlinger’s ecological installations, between culture and nature.

In 2016, they create “Picnic”, at Museum for Contemporary Art PERMM, in Perm, Russia

Perm is an industrial town at the foot of the Ural Mountains.
In December, when the days are short, the sun is rare and a long winter ahead,
the people of Perm are invited for a walk, a picnic and a winter sleep.

1 floor: Walking area
The walking area is a homage to the origin, the complexity, the diversity and the beauty of live. Eleven different projections, onto turning mirrors and curtains, create a kaleidoscopic colorful atmosphere. Every moment brings new unique compositions, which never will be repeated, because of the different length of the video loops and the constellation of the turning objects.
The growing salt altar is a tribute to the hundreds of years during time in which Prikamie was the main salt source of Russia.

2 floor: Picnic area
The picnic area is a public space. It is a place to meet, to sit down, look, talk, drink and eat. The daylight enters the room. The visitors can look outside to the city landscape and inside into the picnic landscape, which consists of 3 different crystal lakes, a 40 meter long wall painting, a big round rotatable picnic table, Siberian firework (made out of the dry plant of the Giant Hogweed), tree trunks, rootstocks, candy-pill-insects, geological treasures from Perm region and many many other surprises.

3 floor: Sleeping area
This space is for the winter sleep. The visitors can wear a bear costume and choose one of the 12 various shelters to go for a sleep. The bears are asked to write down their dream. The dreams of Perm are like pearls.