Focus on Lucie Laflorentie.

Lucie Laflorentie thinks the presence of an artist in residency in a very different manner. She likes to connect the visitors to the art in research, to the art being made. Works may be presented in a more or less accomplished shape – spread without stake in global installation or in articulation with others, as she did in her recent residency at “Maison Salvan”, in Southwest of France – . Lucie Laflorentie likes to proceed to attempts; it is exactly this latent state of the development of the creative process, situated between the guess and the “binding” that is the cutting edge of one of our favourite artists and future guest. Lucie likes to share some specific land art related experiences, like “wandering towed in echo in the atmospheric cinema – Performance – 2012, when she drove the family owned truck with viewers on a towed trailer, topped with an immense mirror cutting the space and reflecting the landscape. “Mise en abyme” which Robert Smithson would not have denied probably.