Aaron Juarros, Barbless, October 1-2


Las Vegas NM artist Aaron BigToe Juarros worked and then made a show in our gallery transformed as his studio and then exhibition space for traditional artist studio tour, last October. We loved his work! We loved his thoughts too:  ” ‘Looking hard’ is a term used in the art of drawing. It takes a deeper observation to look at an object and then visually translate with marks on paper. The skillfull drawing takes dedicated practice.

Flyfishing is a very similar discipline. The supple yet firm rod, coupled with a capable reel, expel any length of flyline through strong and delicate guides. Ten feet of clear fluorocarbon leader with a firmly knotted fly at its end is a tool, similar to a paintbrush. Whether on river or on paper, the strokes must be chosen precisely. The goal is to present the fly at a precise location and depth in the water column without frightening the fish. Moreover, the fly must be worthy. As it turns out, trout look hard as well and have excellent vision. They are not fooled easily. To acknowledge this, flyfishers create small sculptural imitations of aquatic insects by tying feathers and hairs onto barbless hooks.

Angling has always been a significant piece of my life … so much so that my family has traveled the world with flyrods in hand, exploring the waters of Patagonia, Britain, New England, the Pacific Northwest and Canada. A move to the Scottish Highlands awarded me the opportunity to fish the Rivers Spey and Deveron, as well as many others. I learned much of angling’s rich history and was able to drift flies through historically renowned salmon pools.”

We met Aaron and his wife Elizabeth during the inaugural opening of our gallery and then visited them 2 times in their “paradise” in Mora Valley. Impressed by Aaron’s work and commitment, we decided to offer him the opportunity to show his work in Central Las Vegas. Congrats to Aaron for this wonderful show and to Elizabeth for her support.